son s birthday quotes

son s birthday quotes

son s birthday quotes

For us, you're more than Superman, Batman, Jedi, Anakin Skywalker, Iron Man and all the other superheroes of the world. You're our very own super boy son. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday today!

Here's a toast to a lovely human being, a kind-hearted gentleman and a loving individual who deserves only the best in life. Happy Birthday.


Just like one shooting star in the sky can brighten up the whole horizon, you, my dear son, have brightened up our lives by coming into this world through us. May you always be blessed. Happy Birthday.

Very few parents in the world are blessed with sons like you. You rock our world, son. Happy Birthday!

You have always made us proud. Our blessings are always with you. May God bless you with all you desire. Happy Birthday Son.

Give life your best shot. It doesn't matter if you succeed or fail. Our blessings are always with you. Happy birthday to the star of our lives.

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