funny birthday quotes

funny birthday quotes

funny birthday quotes 2


“Birthdays are nice to have, but too many of them can kill you.”

“Welcome to today! Another 24 hour adventure of surprises, set backs, joys, highs, lows, mistakes and accomplishments. Celebrate that you’re not going to miss them.” – Curtis D. Tucker 12.

“Don’t Live to Grow Old, Grow Old so that you can Live!” – Curtis D. Tucker

“How do you expect me me to remember your birthday when you never look any older?”

“The best thing about growing very old is that it takes such a long time.”

“Friendship is like peeing yourself, everyone can see it but only you feel the warmth it brings.”

“It’s time to make the doughnuts. And avoid any holes along the way.” – Curtis D. Tucker

“Just discovered that reading articles on being more productive cost me thirty minutes of productivity.” – Curtis D. Tucker

“Don’t you hate it when you have to Tweet really bad but you can’t make it to the update box in time!” – Curtis D. Tucker

“I found a great way to attract money… work!” – Curtis D. Tucker

funny birthday quotes

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