birthday quotes for friends

birthday quotes for friends


Best birthday quotes, for friends, for parents, the brother and sister, these references,

should be passion, blessing, health, and so on. We collected these, collection, hope you
friends happy, happy.


Your Birthday today is just one chance for me to tell you how dear you are to me. Wishing
you a very Happy Birthday. I wish you all the happiness and success in the world.
Jokes will never be funny, ice cream never delicious, soda pop never tangy and candies
never irresistible if you’re not there in my life. Happy Birthday to the best buddy ever!
Just like we were together in our childhood, may God keep us bonded when we’re old because
that’s when we will need each other the most! Here’s to many more Birthday’s together.
May you never see grief
May you never feel pain
May you never be hurt
May your efforts never go in vain
May you always be
The happy, cheery and wonderful person you are.
Have a great Birthday.

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