birthday quotes for friends

birthday quotes for friends


Best birthday quotes, for friends, for parents, the brother and sister, these references,

should be passion, blessing, health, and so on. We collected these, collection, hope you
friends happy, happy.

You are the sunshine and the rainbow of my life. I think of you in joy and in grief. Could
there be a bigger tribute to you my friend? Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.


I would have hated going to class, teasing other mates, spending sleepovers and whining
over homework if it wasn’t for your company. I treasure you above everything else my dear
friend. Have a great Birthday.
Buddy, here’s your chance to fleece my wallet
The day you came into my life, I just knew from inside that my life was about to change.
You’ve given me happiness that I can’t even measure. Happy Birthday friend. May you get the
best in life.

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