birthday quotes for friends

birthday quotes for friends


Best birthday quotes, for friends, for parents, the brother and sister, these references,

should be passion, blessing, health, and so on. We collected these, collection, hope you
friends happy, happy.

You have always lent a sympathizing ear and a supporting care whenever I was alone. May God
take away all the negativity and loneliness from your life, and fill it with lots of love.
Happy Birthday!
Turning my bad times into good ones and sad moments into happy ones, you have always proved
the strength of our friendship. Today I would love to just hug you as my words have gone
silent. All my heart contains is many many wishes for a bright future of my best friend.
Happy Birthday.
You were always there for me,
What others couldn’t see, you could see,
I wish you a very happy birthday with lots of cheer,
May you have a great and fantastic year!
From all those fights, joy and outings, I take few minutes to wish you a very happy

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