birthday quotes for friends

birthday quotes for friends


Best birthday quotes, for friends, for parents, the brother and sister, these references,

should be passion, blessing, health, and so on. We collected these, collection, hope you
friends happy, happy.

In the dictionary of my life, if there was a synonymous word for good times, it would be
you. Happy Birthday dearest friend!
What should I wish for you? A great life? A great partner? Lots of wealth? A great house?
My friend, I wish the whole world for you. Have a great Birthday. Don’t be surprised if a
bunch of people land up at your place. I’ve told everyone that it’s your Birthday. Have a
great one!
You are special to me not just on your Birthday but for every moment we spend together.
Cheers to being friends forever. Happy Birthday.
You are the friend that every one wishes to have in life, you are the support that everyone
seeks in life and you are the happiness that everyone dreams for in life. I thank God for
giving me such a wonderful friend like you. Happy Birthday. You a true friend who has
brought out the positives in me. And I will never be able to thank you enough for that.
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday buddy.

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