Amazing 10 60th birthday wishes

60th birthday wishes

How to make amazing 60th birthday wishes,messages,poems or saying ? read below:

60th birthday wishes
You'll only feel one year older next year, When you turn 61. Just think, you 'll be 80 in just 20 years. Happy 60th birthday.


60 as ten years older than 50, but 60 as only 1 year older than 59, Happy 60th birthday!


Congratulations on turning 60,Only 40 years,you'll be a century old. Happy 60th birthday.


Wishing you a great 60th birthday, If age was temperature, Then you'd be getting hotter.


20 means a beautiful body, but 60 means a beautiful mind. Happy 60th birthday!



60 is an amazing age,Wishing you the most amazing of special days for your 60th birthday.


You're not 60, You are just a 30 year old with 30 years of experience. Happy 60th birthday!


You had made it through a sixty percent of your life,I wish you best and lots of rest on your special day and the upcoming year!

You are turning sixty, but your soul thinks you're still thirty. Keep a young heart.Happy 60th birthday! 


Age is just a number,look at you, You've reached 60,but still looking great,you are not old.Happy 60th birthday!



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