A collection of 32 belated birthday wishes and messages

A collection of 32 belated birthday wishes and messages

Here is a collection of belated birthday wishes,Sometimes we forget to wish our friends or dear ones birthday.The best collection of belated birthday wishes to write in a birthday card.Enjoy!

belated birthday wishes
“Birthdays are cool, I am so fool,Birthdays are special days but you are special every day.”

“Even though this greeting comes to you a little late, Forgetting to wish someone’s birthday does not means that their importance has vanished.”

“Happy belated birthday to someone who now has free reign to forget mine.Being late I make an apology! I hope you never mind.”

“I checked google for the best "belated birthday wishes",but the best one comes from my heart when I say "Hope you had a great birthday."”

“I could have sent you a birthday greeting on your birthday,I hope you had a wonderful day. ”

“I didn’t forget about your birthday; I didn't miss the opportunity to wish you a Happy Birthday". ”

“I didn't miss your birthday. I am just fashionably late as always.I do apologize for the belated congratulations.”

“I hope you’ll accept a belated happy birthday now as a down payment for a BIG, BIG, BIG birthday hug.Belated Happy Birthday to you.”

“I hope your birthday was all that you hoped for. I hope your Life is filled with more Love than you can ever Imagine.”

“I just figured you deserved more than one this year. I just forgot that your birthday was in back days.Sorry, I am late. ”

“I just want to tell you that irrespecive of whether it is your birthday or not, you are always on my mind.Have a great life ahead! My dearly loved!”

“I just wanted to help prolong the celebration.I know I’m a bit late, but although let me wish you a happy belated birthday.”

“I may be late but my wishes are true,I might have forgotten your birthday, but at least I got a gift for you.I am just fashionably late.”

“I missed eating your cake on your birthday, so I plan to eat at least two desserts today to make up for it.Hope your birthday was the best ever. ”

“I missed your special day by a mile, but I think that this birthday message will make you smile,Belated Happy Birthday my friend.”

“I must be the Last One to Wish you on Your Birthday. I wish you as few as possible belated birthday wishes!”

“I wish you smile like a child and bloom like a rose.I wish you to wake up every morning with smile!Happy belated birthday.”

“I won’t miss the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday. But you know I’m fashionably late.I am late in saying you your birthday.”

“I’m sending you this message late, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you.I am sorry, My wishes are the last to arrive.”

“I’m very sorry about forgetting your special day,It's all your fault that I forgot your Birthday. I’m so silly that I missed your birthday.”

“It always feels good to wish you a happy birthday whether it is on time or late. I have forgotten your birthday, accept my late birthday wish.”

“Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about you. Very lately. Sorry I am late wishing you a Happy Birthday.”

“I’m very sorry I missed it,May you be blessed with a year filled with abundant blessings.Wishing you a belated happy birthday!”

“My dog ate your birthday card, that is why this Happy Birthday wish is a little late.It is never too late.”

“My wish is late, but my prayers are never late.No matter where I am, I can never forget you!”

“I’m late, for a very important date. Please accept this belated birthday wish in the spirit it is given.”

“Probably my calendar made the mistake.I am a little behind you on celebrating your birthday.My best wishes to you, even though are belated.”

“The bad news is that I forgot to wish you a happy birthday on time. The good news is I forgot your age.I am still one of the last ones to wish you. ”

“This wish is late so that you can celebrate your birthday longer.Sorry for the late wish.Sorry that I could not wish you in time.”

“You live life in the fast lane but I move a little slower.when we send our greetings, they may be just a little late.”

“Wish is late so that you can celebrate longer.the wish it brings for happiness is good on any day date.Sorry that this birthday cheer is late!”

“Your life will continue to be filled with the happiness you deserve.Wishing you a belated birthday.”

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